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Lowell, MA

Here for another of my daughter’s dance competitions.

It is my first time in this city. Driving through, my only thought had me wondering exactly how much crack the residents do.

I don’t think this will be on my list of places to return to.

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This Fucking Place

It is a gorgeous day, today. Everywhere BUT here.

Driving up from Providence, my car was reporting a balmy 75 degrees. I get to this location to spend the afternoon with my kids & it’s freaking 60.

So many reason to hate this fucking place.

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My wrapping is better than yours

Having kids that don’t understand what phallic is can be amusing to the adults.

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NOT a Nice Post

I was at the gas station perusing the people milling around.

There was a mom & daughter (she was probably 7) walking by their car which was being repaired. Their matching shoes caught my eye. Their matching portly body types next. My immediate thought was that the girl needs to get some exercise. Sure, they both do. But, the mother has many years of bad habits to undo while the girl just needs an activity. An activity that is NOT sitting on her ass, eating chips, & watching TV.

When my focus returned to them, the daughter was walking on a narrow piece of sidewalk as if it were a runway. She had a hand on her hip, her shoulders back, and she walked with a swagger. “Good for her,” I thought. “That’s the only runway you will ever be on, at this rate.”

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And, we are registered.

Today, I signed up for my first Road Race in ages. It also coincides with the first three goals listed in my “New Year Resolutions” post.

The race is the Take the Lake 5K on July 10th. It coincides perfectly with the scheduled conclusion of my recently re-started Nike+ 5K training program.

It will probably not be the first race I run, I’m targeting one in June. But, it will probably be the first one that I begin caring about my time. After all, August 1st is only a couple of weeks after that.

I registered the girl, and I think a few other friends are going to join us. Should be a fun morning!

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Marathon Monday

One of the things I LOVE about Marathon Monday…

And, the Sox beat the Blue Jays 9-1.

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Fun Runs

On the heels of the Boston Marathon, here are a couple of interesting runs that I’d like to do around Boston.

Boston Freedom Trail Run
I’ve never explored the Boston Freedom Trail. And, although, I’d like to walk it sometime… this just looks like it would be fun to do once.

Royal Rooters 5K Run
How could I not do this?? Running + Baseball + McGreevy’s = 3 of my favorite things!

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