A Diary

13 Apr

So, for one year, I had been on tumblr. I had been posting regularly. Following people. Hearting posts. Making some comments. It was fun. But, following people was time consuming. The community aspect was interesting. But, in the end, I learned it was also stress-inducing. If I’ve learned anything in the last third of my life, it’s that I truly want less stress around. And, I certainly want to cause less stress to those I love.

So, I’m going to try my hand at blogging. Not for a distraction. But as a diary of sorts. I’ve realized that there are moments that I want to record… be it a simple cell phone shot. A funny thing I’ve seen. Thoughts on a movie. Moments in time. A place. A moment with the girl. Stupid thoughts, in general.

In retrospect, that’s what I liked most about tumbling. I’ve recently referenced a moment in time to my best friends, and then went back to show them what I had to say about that moment in time. Or show them a picture I had taken or found.

But, I no longer care about getting hearts. Or making online “friends”. Or memes. Or any of that shit.

This is about me.

But, if you have been invited to it, you must be pretty special to me.

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