New Year Resolutions

13 Apr

I turned 35 the other day. Pretty sure that officially makes me old.

Seems as good a day as any to set some goals for the year to come.

So here we go, in rough outline form.

    • Lose 30lbs, by August 1st, using the tried and true combo of running, biking, lifting, and not eating fast food. The weight number might seem extreme to some, but I assure you it is not.
    • Complete a round of Nike Coach 5k prep.
    • Run a sub 20 min 5k race by August 1. (After that begin setting other time goals)
    • Restart the photo a day project.
    Fully reboot TLC
    • Take a trip somewhere I have never been.
    • Take the kidlets back to Disney.
    • Get a couple of the tattoos that I have planned.
    • Learn to sail

There are more of course… and I’ll be sure to note them accordingly.

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