127 Hours

03 May

One of the few happy moments of "127 Hours"

After watching the uplifting movie, “The Fighter,” we capped our night off watching “127 Hours.”  I’m going to guess that if we had to do it over again, the girls may have wanted to flip the order in which these two movies were viewed (as they slept through the first, and squirmed through this one).

But, what an amazing movie.  I loved the timing of the title screen.  This had to be one of the longest intro’s to a movie ever.  I was familiar with the “Today Show” version of the story.  So, I know how this is going to turn out.  But, even with that knowledge, this movie was suspenseful.

I have always had the desire to mountain bike in this area, so the above photo and the intro I am sure helped spawn my earlier letter to myself.  For years, my best friends and I have talked about heading out to that area of the world and exploring it.  Yet, we haven’t.

Anyway, I digress.

The movie was phenomenal & completely worthy of the praise it & James Franco received.

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