The Fighter

03 May

This past Sunday, I was able to watch this biopic on the Pride of Lowell. And considering my Friday post on Lowell, MA, I found that a bit amusing. Especially since Micky’s brother, Dicky, appears in an HBO documentary titled “Crack in America.” (I need to get my hands on a copy of that!) As you can imagine, the movie did not change my opinion on the place one bit.

However, I thought it was a well done bio-pic. Not following boxing at all, I had only known of Micky Ward. I’ve seen him a couple of times, including at the opening of the Whiskey Republic where DKM played (another post I have to write up sometime). And, of course, I had read the Boston sports pages quite thoroughly while I was in school & while he was fighting locally. Yet, I was still unfamiliar with most of the story. And, I thought it was well done.

And, as thousands of people who have said before me…. holy shit can Christian Bale act. He was amazing. Completely stealing the movie. And, I just loved Amy Adams character. Anyway, fun movie. One, I will be happy to watch again in the future.

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