Black Swan

04 May

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

I loved this film.

My girlfriend will argue that it is because it features Natalie Portman… and Mila Kunis.  And, although she has a point, (and they do have some great scenes together), I still loved this film because of the film.

Partially, because it is a well done psycho-thriller.  Like “Memento” or “Fight Club” before it, you are never quite sure if what we are witnessing is the truth, or how the main character’s mind (whose perspective we are viewing the story from) sees them.

Like the image above, I loved the use of mirrors in the film.  It was very clear early in the film that the mirrors would play a strong theme.  And, it carried through right to the bitter end.

Partially because of the character development.  I loved the relationships portrayed in the film.

It was a great emotional ride.  And, I am really looking forward to future viewings.

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