Strapping One On with a Comedian

04 May

This pic oddly fits this story too well. (Click to Embiggen)

This past weekend, as part of my sister’s birthday celebrations, we went to MGM at Foxwoods to catch the Anti Social Network Comedy Tour, featuring Dave Attell, Jim Breuer, & Bill Burr.  And, the evening was hosted by Jim Norton.

Not only was there a gang of 17 of us attending this event. But in order to get 17 of us to sit together, they put out a row of folding chairs in front of the real front row at the MGM Theater.  This allowed us easy viewing of the comedians’ boogers, as well as made us easy targets for the comedians’ crowd interaction.

So, during one of Jim Norton’s interactions between Jim Breuer & Dave Attell, he comes out and launches into a joke about having difficulty with his girlfriend.  But, she’s a freak in bed, so he has been paralyzed to leave the relationship.  And he says, “One of the things that she told me she wanted to do is to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on.”  At this point, the light laughter in the building is pierced by my girlfriend who screams “YES!” and begins heartily clapping.  To which Jim Norton correctly points out, that she was way too enthusiastic about this.

Now, the two of us have always joked that I have two rules in the bedroom.  And, they are pretty simple.  No shitting is involved in ANY way.  And, no strap-ons being used on me.  As a result, she has always joked about how disappointed she is with the no strap-on rule and wants to do it to me.  This has been the source of much laughter both privately, and amidst friends.

But, at no point did I think that I would have to be explaining this to Jim Norton in front of several thousand strangers.  It was absolutely one of the highlights of the show for our group of friends… and I would imagine several others.

How does the pic fit into the story (with the obvious exception that it was taken & posted before the show)? After, dealing with us, he continued on with his joke & said that he allowed his girlfriend to try it on him. But, after she got a fraction of the tip in, he felt the sensation to shit, thus ending her experiment.

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