Fish Fry

12 May

One of my African Dwarf Frogs

I was rather surprised to find a baby fish in my tank on Monday. I ran to Petco and picked up some Baby Hideout Plants in an attempt to see if I could help them survive.

I plopped it in the tank and let it float on top. That night, I found two other babies hiding in the new plant. So far, so good.

However, I have learned that my placement of the new plant was probably not the best. I noticed that the frogs were spending a lot more time on the tall plant that led up to where the baby hideout was. Heck, that plant was pretty much a ladder right to the hideout. Last night (Wednesday), I found one of the frogs sleeping on the outer portion of the plant that was up against the glass. This morning, there are no baby fish.

Stupid nature.


(Click to embiggen)

Assuming, that more eggs will hatch in the future, I think I will keep the new plant life in the tank. But, I’ll reposition it to the opposite end of the tank where the frogs will hopefully not be able to get to the fry.

Update: It did not take long (just a few hours from when I moved the plant to when I took this pic) for a frog to swim up to the plant and camp out on it. No other supporting plant life anywhere near it. So, clearly my strategy is not going to work. I suppose if I really wanted to successfully raise fry, it will require a separation tank or a baby net.

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