Joe Thornton would look GREAT in a Bruins Uniform

12 May

From 12.01.05 ESPN article. (Click thru)

I’m watching Game 7 of the West Semi-Finals between the Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks. And, after the first period, it is 2-0 Sharks, largely due to the play of Joe Thornton. He’s been a monster. Great skating, quick hands, beautiful passing…

And, I get to thinking about that ridiculous trade, and so I had to look it up once again & re-live the pain.  He was traded by then GM, Mike O’Connell.  From his wiki page; “He was however fired from the job on March 25, 2006 following a controversial number of player trades that did not work out well for the Bruins. Notably, O’Connell decided to trade high-scoring center Joe Thornton… The Bruins received players Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau; Thornton went on with the San Jose Sharks to win the Hart Trophy as the league’s most valuable player and the Art Ross Trophy as scoring champion.”

In my opinion, Jeremy Jacobs waited nearly four months too long!  As soon as the topic was broached to trade Thornton, he should have been warned.   Once the trae got to the Sinden’s desk for approval (assuming that step actually happened), he should have been fired.  It was absurd.

I’m rooting for him tonight.  I will root for him in the Western Conference Finals.  I will hope that the Bruins can persevere over the Lightening.  And, then I will root like hell against Joe & his Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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