Great Weekend

18 May

So, this past weekend, we visited Brian and Carrie in New Jersey. On the road south, we stopped for dinner and to introduce Drea to Five Guys. After eating way too much, we got back on the road and burped our way to Jersey with little-to-no traffic at all. (It is always surprising going over the George Washington Bridge with light traffic.)

We spent the night and next day catching up. And, Brian spent most of Saturday smoking. And, although that is true (and I gave him shit for it as any good friend would, in this instance I mean smoking up some food on the BBQ. We had delicious stuffed jalapeños and stuffed portabella mushrooms, both wrapped in bacon, and chicken with a couple of different marinades. No pics were taken, but damn was it yummy.

Saturday night, we headed back into the city to catch the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. It was all of our first trip into the new stadium. And, prior to leaving the house, Brian mentioned that one of his friends who had been to the new ball park said that it reminded him of “something that should have been built by Nazi Germany.” It was very plain, very industrial looking. And, part of you does expect to look around and see Iron Eagles throughout the place. I’m fine with thinking of the Yankees logo as a swastika. It was kind of a disappointing stadium. Hell, even the Detroit Tigers Stadium has more personality, and that city is BROKE.


Hard to see... but note the empty seats

We had the pitching matchup of Josh Beckett vs the fat man (CC Sabathia) on a nationally televised game at 7pm on Fox. When it was time for the National Anthem to be played, our group was blown away by the fact that it was a recording. I can’t think of a single time I have been to a professional stadium and had the national anthem played on tape. Shocked. Furthermore, the crowd was late showing up, acting as if they were Dodgers fans. And, there were tons of empty seats.

The game itself was great. Beckett pitched a shutout and the Sox won 6-0. It was a great feeling to be in Yankee Stadium watching their fans stream out of the park in the 8th inning.

After the game, we hit a bar across the street that was an absolute scene. I absolutely should have been taking photos of the patrons. (Stupid me forgetting my camera in my car.) Afterwards, we headed back to the parking garage where I snapped the nighttime photo of the front of the stadium. When we woke up in the late morning, we were rather surprised to see the Baseball Tonight crew broadcasting from that same garage a few feet from where we had been parked.

As always, it was another great weekend with Brian and Carrie!


Late night view of the stadium

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