Social Distortion & Chuck Ragan @ Lupos

18 May

So, despite having been up with Brian until 5am Sunday morning, the plan was to hit Lupo’s on Sunday night for another Social D show with Mike & Scott. After rolling into town at 7:30, and trying to freshen up at the house, I felt the exhaustion overtaking my body. I got to Lupo’s about 8:30 when the Sharks were scheduled to hit the stage. Having not heard of the band, my first concern was not to see them, it was to get my body a jolt. So, first it was to the bar where I ordered my first ever Vodka Red Bull.  (I’ve tried it before, just never ordered it.)  While standing at the bar, waiting for my drink, I noticed that the band sounded really good (rare for an opener).  They sounded tight.  So, I started getting interested.

With drink in hand, I made my way down to the front of the stage, found Mike & Scott, and began to watch the Sharks.  My first impression while at the bar, was affirmed.  They sounded really good.  And their youth only served to make me feel old.  But, it was a really good set.  I should have picked up an album or two that night, but I am absolutely planning on purchasing soon.  Also, by the end of their set, I had purchased my second Vodka Red Bull, and a beer.  And, realized the truth in their marketing as I definitely felt like Red Wings had given me wings.  I felt alive again, thankfully.


Chuck Ragan

Next up, Chuck Ragan.  I was really looking forward to his set.  I’ve listened to his solo stuff quite a bit and have liked it.  And, I was curious how his brand of folk rock would be live (always the ultimate test for me.)

As you can see from the horrid iphone pic to the left, he was playing as part of a three piece.   Ragan had the guitar & harmonica, Joe Ginsberg on stand-up bass, & Jon Gaunt on fiddle.  You can’t particularly tell from the pic to the left, but Ginsberg kind of looks a bit like W.B. Mason to me.

Anyway, he brought some major energy to his live set and sounded great!  And, his band mates, most notably Gaunt’s fiddle play, could slay.  Additionally, Ragan expresses thoughts between songs that convey he is a truly nice guy.  I was really impressed with the entire set & was left wanting more.  And, although he is about to tour with another of my favorite bands, DKM, it is only in Canada.  However, this tweet mentions the prospects of the Revival Tour potentially coming to PVD.  I hope that comes to fruition.


Mike Ness

Finally, Mike Ness & Co hit the stage.  It is the third time I have seen Social Distortion in the last year and a half or so.  Each time, the band has had a slightly different line up.  Given Social D’s history, that seems apt.

Mike, got a great shot  of Mike Ness during the set, with guitarist John Wickersham & Jon Gaunt flanking him in the background.  I converted the original image to b&w on the right.  This was taken while Gaunt had joined them on stage for That’s the Way it Goes.

At some point during the set, Ness mentioned that they have been playing Providence since 1982.  It always amazes me how long he has been doing this & how good he has been for 30 plus years.

As usual, they played a great set & the crowd was terrific. And, I slept really freaking well that night.

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