A Riddle

21 Jun

I have a riddle for you.

How do you drive 540 miles, over the course of three days, and not really go anywhere?

540 Miles.

Possible 540 Mile Round Trips from Providence, RI

  • Sunday River Resort, ME (450 miles)
  • Cooperstown, NY (462 miles)
  • Newport, VT – right by the Canadian border (520 miles)
  • Burlington, VT  (530 miles)
  • Philadelphia, PA  (540 miles)
  • Bangor, ME (568 miles)

Possible Destinations within approximately 540 Miles – One Way

  • Montreal (370 miles)
  • Caribou, ME (455 miles)
  • Niagara Falls (460 miles)
  • Toronto, Canada (544 miles)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (565 miles)
  • Morgantown, WV (560 miles)

Answer: Drive back and forth from Providence to Rockport Three times in one weekend.

Truth be told, every mile was worth it because each one was for my children.  (I’ll do a weekend re-cap soon.)  But, still… that was a shit ton of driving without really going anywhere!

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