Kick Ass

21 Jun

Kick Ass & Hit Girl

The Stanley Cup Finals had been getting in the way of my movie watching lately. So, on one particular off night, I finally got to sit down and watch a couple. Movie number one of the night: “Kick Ass”

Well, this wasn’t your typical comic book movie. Sure, it featured nerds, the base readership for comics. And kids that were aspiring to be more than they are. But, as the narrative said at the beginning, there were no radioactive spider bites, or mommy-daddy issues that fueled revenge issues (although, the movie did set that line up for Kick Ass 2).

But, it did feature kids that swear worse than I do (difficult to do). A father shooting his (12ish year old) daughter in the chest so she knew how it would feel when she took a bullet in action. (Relax, she was wearing a vest.) And, guys getting with girls that they had no business ever talking too. Ok, that last part is pretty standard in just about any movie.

The movie was fun. I wouldn’t call it great. Really, Hit Girl saved/made the movie for me. I loved that spunky girl. Kick Ass… well, I really just wanted to kick that character’s ass myself. All in all, worth a viewing.

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