You are Killing Me

22 Jun

Holder & Linden

I’ve been watching AMC’s “The Killing” all season.

It started out fantastic. As opposed to most crime dramas that solve a case in little over 30 minutes, I loved the concept of one murder for the entire season. I loved that you got to see what the victim’s family was going through. I loved that there was a complex web of characters, and that this wasn’t just a high school love quarrel gone wrong. It had some great things…

The show through much of the season was not guaranteed a second season. In the beginning, you weren’t even sure if Sarah Linden (the main detective) was going to be around as she was supposed to be moving to California with her fiance. But, that relationship was not fully developed… He seemed like a dick. She seemed like her heart wasn’t in it. And, that relationship petered out. Which to me said, “Ok, if there is a Season 2, they’ll be building it around her.” I just chalked it up to one of those plot lines for character development of Sarah. Fine.

The show had many plot lines & character introductions that made you go, “hmm…. What the fuck is the point of that?” But, it’s certainly not the first show to do that (see “Lost), and it is reasonably expected that detectives would run into dead ends during a murder investigation. Again, I was completely on board with this as they had 13 episodes to solve the murder, rather than 30 mins.

But then, something happened, that really derailed the show. For me, I think it was during Episode 10. All season, we had been reminded that Sarah is a good detective. Whether that came from comments from the police chief, or as evidenced in her throwing herself headlong into the case despite its’ affect on her relationships with her son, fiance, and her guardian/friend. And yet, here is this seasoned detective who has lived in Seattle for some time, who is finally following up on a note in the victim’s book that says “Adela 1145.” And, you keep seeing her looking quizzically at Rosie’s key chain at various times of various episodes. Yet, she never seems to recognize the logo.

And then, at the end of episode 10, she goes for a run. And stumbles upon a ferry launch for a boat named “Adela,” whose last launch is at 11:45pm. Now to her/their credit, Belko seemed to indicate that it was a person named “Adela” that Belko heard her talking to on the phone. But, still a simple google search of that phrase would have I’m sure brought up the fact that it was a local ferry, and a departure time for that ferry. Plus, and more infuriating, Sarah boards the ferry, I guess to see where it goes. And, while on it sees the logo for a local casino emblazoned on a bill board. Now, having grown up near local casinos all my life, I know how much advertising they do. There is no fucking way that a casino is in the Seattle area, and the detective does not know their logo. NO FUCKING WAY.

I don't fucking know. Do you!?

So, this was the point that they seriously through for me a loop. They suddenly made the lead detective look completely inept. Follow that up, with episode 11, which is a fucking waste of an episode spent looking for her son who skipped school. Are you fucking kidding me? And, then in episode 12, we find out that the victim, who was supposed to be this down-to-earth, good natured kid, is actually a prostitute?

And then, the final insult came in the season finale. In which, what everyone thought would be the conclusion of the case, was revealed to be a fucking cliff hanger. Are you kidding me?? No resolution to the question that has been the catch phrase for (what was thought to be) this season; “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” Every show wants a cliff hanger. I didn’t expect it to be the Rosie case. I figured they’d solve it & then open the door to another murder, perhaps. But, this finale just fucked us over.

Not only that, but it indicted Holder as the man involved in the frame job of Richmond.  Holder.  The character that they have spent A LOT of fucking time trying to say “He looks shady, but he isn’t.”  They made you buy into him.  And, then they threw ALL of that character’s goodwill out the window in the last 20 seconds of Season 1.  Why?

Bill Simmons has a great scathing article about this posted on Grantland. Also, there is this scathing review from Maureen Ryan over at AOL (wow – I just referenced AOL!). And, a very fair comparison to “Heroes” from

I have to admit, it’s going to take a lot for me to decide to invest any more time in this show.  Fuckers.

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