Whitey Bulger Captured – Now What?

23 Jun

James "Whitey" Bulger

I am fascinated by the capture of former boss of the Massachusetts Irish Mob, Whitey Bulger.

But, what I am most fascinated by is not what names he has in his back pocket. I imagine that whatever FBI agents he had in his back pocket are either dead, or long retired and irellevant. What is he going to do, sell out guys that used to work for him 20 years ago? Who cares.

What I am most anxious to see shake out is whether or not he reveals anything about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist, whether he was involved or not. And more importantly, if the stolen art, turns up as a result.

The timing of this could not come at a more interesting time for me. Drea & I just visited the Gardner a couple of weekends ago (my next post was going to be about that weekend), I watched a documentary on the heist over the last few days, and I’m generally very curious about what happened there.

Another post on that weekend, the Gardner Museum, and the theft soon…

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