Musings From My Sleeping Bag

27 Jun

• This is my first time REALLY car camping with my kids (read multiple nights, & actually had to pack/prepare food)

• It reminds me of the first time I went to the beach with them. For it used to be that if I wanted to go to the beach, I grabbed a towel, some sunscreen, & a cooler of beer (& a sandwich). But, with the kids, it involved a bag of JUST towels. A bag of toys. An umbrella. Sometimes, a fucking tent! A cooler. And a cart to carry all that shit. Phew. By the time you get to your spot, the kids are rearing to go & you want a freaking nap.

• I love both scenarios. And, this is damned fun.

• I need to get an additional bin so that I can separate the cooking supplies from the general camping supplies.

• Camping is like anything else… High startup costs. But, one you have everything, & it’s organized, you are ready to roll.

• Really glad my Uncles wanted to pass on some of their gear. Glad I can borrow these coolers (water cooler/dispenser FTW), & chairs.

• Really glad to be enjoying nature again.

• The concept or the cooking station for camping seemed like an unnecessary luxury. Now, after grilling chicken & red peppers, while making tortellini, on the picnic table we are about to eat on… it seems to make all the sense in the world.

• I am looking forward to doing a bunch of this with these guys.

• This little Coleman fan seems to be worth it!

• Probably should have a place for a trash bag in the tent. (for tissues & what not)

• Time for some shut eye.

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