Burgeoning Queues

13 Jul

As if my Netflix queue wasn’t already full enough, I stumbled upon Pace J. Miller’s blog from a “Freshly Pressed” feature linking to his “20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time” post.  After reading it through, and agreeing with many of his takes, I began adding movies I had not seen, “The Burbs” & “Minority Report”, for example.  I also added several that I had copies of on VHS & simply needed to see again, like one of my all time favorites; “Reservoir Dogs.”

But, since the post had been a year old when it was “Freshly Pressed,” he went and added to the re-watchable list.  (I am certain my girlfriend will appreciate that I am now considering a viewing of “The Notebook.”)  Then, I read his post on the “25 Films that Scared the Crap Out of Me When I was a Kid” & began adding more flicks to the queues.

Whoa! That's a lot of movies!

Then, I started scrolling through his “Movie Reviews” section and found more to add.  Now I’m subscribed to that section of his blog, and am sure I will be adding even more movies to my queue.

So, I sit here somewhat happy that I found Miller’s blog.  He has a view & whit that I appreciate.  But, at the same time, I am also lamenting this discovery as I wonder how the hell I am ever going to watch the 340 movies that are currently in the queues.  Not to mention the various TV series that I follow!

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