15 Jul

I was really excited to see this.  I hadn’t read any reviews or really knew what the film was about.  I knew it featured major players involved with both “Saw” & “Paranormal Activity.”  (I have still yet to watch a damned Saw film, but enjoyed Paranormal.)  It had been recommended by two friends who had posted FB statuses that talked about how freaked out they were (& one was a guy).  So, I bumped it to the top of my Netflix queue & had it in hand the day it was released on DVD and was set to really like it.

Right off the bat, they through me off though.  The movie had a nice credit roll featuring great black and white scenes of the inside of a home.  Some scenes appeared to be perfectly still.  Others, had moving picture frames, footprints appearing & disappearing down a hallway.  And, then a camera sweep is done over a boys room, things appear to be moving around, the camera goes out into the hallway, and it is a close up of a creepy old lady with a candle.  And, then the title screen comes up flashing “INSIDIOUS” in your face to a cheap community halloween haunted house soundtrack.

Once the movie started, I forgot about the ridiculous title screen & got into the swing of the film.  The film is focusing on a young family that just moved into the creepy house.  The oldest son, Dalton, has a frightening experience in the attic, but he never shares exactly what frightened him so much.  His parents simply think he was crying because he hurt himself during a fall.  The next morning, he is in a coma that the doctors can’t explain.

Three months later, Dalton is still in a coma.  And, it’s wearing on the family.  The mother begins to see & hear things in the house.  The father has a hard time dealing with it and is avoiding coming home.  Creepy things ensue and the mother is convinced that the house is haunted and convinces the husband they need to move.

Once in the new house, there is what I found to be the creepiest scene in the movie.  It was well executed, and completely fucked up.  My hair literally stood on edge.

And then… I felt the wheels fell off.  It took a “Poltergeist” path, that was unfortunately not very scary.  And, at times downright silly.  Not to say that it was all bad, in fact, there was a nice “Nosferatu” tribute in a dream sequence being retold by the grandmother.  But, the demon chasing after Dalton reminded me way too much of Darth Maul.  And, the story line just had some really large holes. (What horror film doesn’t?)  And, they closed with that stupid-ass title screen and sound effect!  Grrrr….

It’s an entertaining movie.  I’ll probably watch it again at some point to see what I missed… or maybe with people to gauge their reactions.  But, in the end, it wasn’t the homerun I was hoping for.  This reviewer agreed with me.  And, Pace J. Miller has a slightly more enthusiastic take.

Note:  If you watch the film, make sure you watch all the credits for one final scene.

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