26 Jul

Part of a viral campaign for Limitless

Another, pretty good movie.  I liked the concept of it.  How great would that drug be – you know, minus the horrid side effects… like death.

But, there were definitely some large holes.  And, I’m not talking about the usual sci-fi suspend disbelief holes.  I’m talking about the NYPD being the most inept police department on the planet.  Who calls in a murder, is discovered at the scene, and is allowed to leave w tons of cash in large crisp bills & a bag with a LOT of drugs in it?  And, then that same person is involved with a murder of three other known criminals & it’s just chalked up to the mistaken identity?  I mean… really?

But, aside from those kinds of things… the movie was actually a pretty fun ride.  I loved the use of colors to depict when he was on the drug & when he wasn’t.  I loved the psychadelic effects illustrated throughout.

The ending… blah.  But, I enjoyed the movie nonetheless.


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