Drea’s Birthday Celebration

04 Aug

The night before Drea’s birthday, the two of us went out and celebrated at Davide in the North End of Boston. We had a nice time, but the restaurant is probably not operating at its peak. She posted comments, here.

On Drea’s birthday, we were able to meet up with friends & hop aboard S&P Cruise Lines for a day on the bay!

20110804-034202.jpgAfter waking up, and having some killer omeletes (if I may do say so, myself) with Bob & Aislinn, we hit the road (late, of course) to head down to Brewers Yacht Yards in East Greenwich to meet up with Sarah, Pat, Carolyn, & JP. When we arrived, Carolyn provided us with our first Carolyn-moment of the day. Her & JP had been using the facilities, and when they came out, Drea sarcastically says, “Dropping the kids off at the pool?” To which Carolyn replies, “No, they are with the babysitter.” Only Carolyn.

Once on the boat, we were off in no time. It was a gorgeous day! Mid 80’s. Light puffy clouds. And, the bay was like glass. Pat noticed some bird activity, so we grabbed a fishing pole. And, after about 6-7 casts, I had caught the first fish I had caught in…. almost 20 years?! (Fuck me, I am old.) It was a small blue fish which we released, before moving on.

After cruising between Jamestown & Narragansett, and around Beavertail, we anchored in Mackerel Cove. Between the snacking, sunning, and drinking, there was also a lot of jumping off the boat to swim in the cool ocean waters.

One of the few images I don't look *completely* awful.

Once dinner time started creeping up, we decided to head into Newport and find a place to dine. But, we did better than that. We found ourselves at The Pierwhich is a restaurant, with a nice outside seating area, a bar, and a place for a band to set-up & play. We went to the bar while waiting for our table and continued lubricating our insides… not that that was probably necessary.

Dinner was… shit, I don’t know. I think it was great. I know that they oysters Drea & I shared were. The rest of dinner was, frankly, a blur. After dinner, we were treated to some music by a pretty good band called The Complaints. Their bio says they write & perform their own stuff. I only remember them covering songs. Regardless, we had a great time dancing around as they played. They even wished Drea a happy birthday.

All in all, it was a ton of fun. The only thing that the night was missing was the much anticipated Birthday Song duet between Sarah & JP. Maybe next time.


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