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Smurf You!

I certainly wasn’t expecting much from The Smurfs movie, but thought it would be good to take the kids to. And, it was fine to kill a couple of hours. But, it certainly wasn’t a special movie. Shit, it wasn’t even a “good” kids movie.

And, I like Neil Patrick Harris. But, 90 minutes of hearing “smurf” in the place of just about every adjective in the movie was just too smurfing much! (See. It’s fucking aggravating, isn’t it!?)


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Michele & Cory’s Wedding

I’m waaaaay behind in my posts… so, expect more photos & less text for the next batch of posts…

A few weeks ago (on August 12th), there was a wedding for friends in Hingham, MA.  My family, Drea, & I attended, took part in, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Rehearsal Dinner was held at Hingham Beer Works.  My brother-in-law Jon & I had gotten there early & tried a few brews.  And, if you are going there, we highly recommend the pretzel bread appetizer.  Good stuff.

The rehearsal was a good time, complete with a “best sneakers” contest.  (The groomsmen all had designed custom Nike’s.  We all voted on who designed the best shoe.)

After the rehearsal, I took advantage of a local state park & slept under the stars on a gorgeous night!

The wedding took place at the Black Rock Country Club. It was a nice ceremony with beautiful surroundings. During the cocktail hour, I started drinking one of my favorite summer drinks, Dark & Stormy’s. That led to a very large gap in the time stamps on my camera. The last nice photo was taken at 7:30pm. The shit show photos then commenced at 11:30pm!

All in all, it was a great party for a great couple.

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Recipe: Homemade Sriracha Sauce, Ode to a Rooster. (via PEPPERMEISTER!)

I’m reblogging this for a few reasons.
1. I love Sriracha!
2. I’ve never used the “reblog” button & wanted to check it out.
3. So, I know where to find the recipe again in the future. (This is not really true. I’m already adding it into my recipe directory in EverNote.)

Recipe: Homemade Sriracha Sauce, Ode to a Rooster. Oh, the beauty of the Rooster.  Why even try your own version of this perfect condiment?  You can get a pretty large bottle of Rooster Sauce for under three bucks at almost any major grocery store.  Hell, Walmart carries it!  It’s not your typical vinegar based cayenne sauce because it’s thicker and kicks way more ass.  It’s great on everything and it brings the perfect blend of thai chile heat, garlic, and a subtle sweetness that makes every dro … Read More


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Little Fashionista

She takes after her old man.

Sydney has been wanting colored streaks in her hair for sometime now. So, we have done a couple of iterations to varying levels of success. But, I think we have it down now. And, she seems to enjoy when (her words) “Scott’s Salon is open.” And, I love helping her out with it.

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Space Junk

Click to embiggen

It’s like humans just can’t help themselves.  Do we really have to create litter everywhere we go?

The image above was just released from NASA & shows space junk left on the moon’s surface (including the Lunar Roving Vehicle left behind).  Between this and the estimates of all the space junk left in orbit around the earth, it’s like human’s can’t go anywhere without leaving crap behind.

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