Time to get in shape

09 Feb

Now that all of the holidays are done, the family trip to Colorado is but a haze of great memories, and all of the other assortment of excuses to eat & drink in excess are gone. (Oh who the fuck am I kidding?  There are always reasons to drink in excess.) I weighed myself when I got back from Colorado and I matched the highest I have ever been.  That’s right, “matched.” I’ve been here before.  Sloppy.  All of my clothes not fitting.  It’s time to end the see saw of weight loss and weight gain.

Immediately, after returning from Colorado, I started eating healthier.  Over the course of those two weeks, I had lost seven pounds.  A good start for sure.  But, certainly, not enough.

It’s time to get in shape.  No.  It’s time to get in shape, and stay in shape.

So, I have taken a couple of steps to make sure that I am successful.  First off, I’ve signed up for the “Body Transformation Challenge” at Gold’s. It’s a 12 week nationwide contest with a cash prize incentive.  But, that is not what I am interested in at all.  The name of the game, is transforming the entrants body from a soft mushy lump into a harder physically fit one.  The name of the game for the 12 weeks for me; drop 30 pounds.  So, couldn’t I do that without the contest aspect of this?  Sure, I probably could.  But, this contest gives me a 12 week period where I can focus on that one goal.  And, provide the extra incentive to keep on it.  Most beneficially, for a severely discounted rate, it gives me access to the trainers and keeps me accountable for the results.  And keeps me going to the gym.  I’ve been paying for it.  I might as well get the benefits out of the membership.

I started on Monday with my official weigh in, measurements, and photos.  I don’t have copies of those… yet.  Nor would I want them posted anywhere right now.  Blech.  But, after the 12 weeks, I will consider posting the before and after pics.  I am certain there will be a big difference, hopefully a drastic one.  After meeting with my assigned trainer, I hit a bike for a while and committed to coming back on Tuesday AM to hit a “Body Pump” class.  It’s essentially like a P90X video.  Except it is a full body workout rather than targeting a specific muscle group.

I felt like this. But, worse. (I looked much worse, as well!)

Thursday, I had my first personal training session.  And, it was going great.  Again, staying with the full body workout method, I was doing a circuit that had very little rest between exercises.  It was going great.  It was tough.  But, I was enjoying it.  (I always have enjoyed the feeling while working out.  Since college, I’ve just allowed life to interfere.)

We were about half way through.  As expected, I was breathing & sweating hard.  But, then I felt it.  I started feeling a bit woozy.  A bit weaker.  And suddenly, I had the thought rush to the forefront; “Fuck.  I’m crashing.”

And, crash I did.  I sat down and drank all of the water I had.  Mike, the trainer, went and grabbed me a gatorade.  I had to move to the couches and sit down for a bit and recover.  I managed to make light of it, saying “Shit.  Being fat and out of shape is not all that it’s cracked up to be.”  I was certainly embarrassed that it happened.  And, I aim to make sure that I am never so out of shape that I have to go through that again.  I immediately re-booked for next week.  And, damnit, I will make it through the entire work out.

So, that’s the short term plan to drop 30 pounds by April 30th.

But, three months of fitness is only a good start.  It’s only a beginning.  By the end of the program, I will be in much better shape.  But, then the goal will be to get into competition shape.

So, I found another hard date that I could put onto my calendar.  July 14th.  On that date, I will be competing in the Tough Mudder at Mount Snow in Vermont.  I will need to be in good enough running shape to handle 10-13 miles.  But, in reality, I will need to be ready to handle more than a half marathon as those 13 miles are on the slopes of a mountain, and littered with military-style obstacles.  It is not an event that I will be focused on time.  It will be an event that I am focused on enjoying and making each one of those obstacles my bitch.

If you don’t know what Tough Mudder is, I have found two videos that will give you a sense of what I am planning on tackling in July.  This one is a video created by NESN, but they don’t allow for embedding on other sites, so you will have to visit their page.  This was taken at last year’s New England Tough Mudder.  The one which I can embed here is a well produced video (and features Dropkick Murphys tracks), but it took place in sunny California.  Therefor it is missing some of the New England grit.

If you followed either of those links, you will see that it is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project, whose goal is  “To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.”  Read up on it, and if you are compelled to donate at all, please donate through my own fundraising page.

Stay tuned, the next few months could be interesting.


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2 responses to “Time to get in shape

  1. drinkrunyoga

    February 9, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Good luck with your challenges! I’m doing the tough mudder in Cali in September. It’s way too tempting not to, right?

  2. PDX Running Chick

    February 9, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Good luck on your goals!!


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