My Local Blood Center Conspires Against A Healthy Diet

20 Feb

As I’ve posted previously, I try to give blood on a regular basis, and this past Friday was my latest appointment.  I actually do the Double Red Cell Donation.  Essentially, this procedure gives the Blood Center two donations for the price of one, while it also gives me some saline and plasma back into my system.  As a result, I already feel better than I would have had I just gave a whole blood donation.  However, they still want you to hang out in the lounge and have a snack or two to replenish your body.

In the lounge, they have the typical array of waters and fruit juices.  Relatively  healthy, obviously.  But, when it comes to snack product, the only relatively healthy choice is a bag of pretzels.  Everywhere else you look are cookies.  They have an oven baking Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.  Which, if you are unlucky enough to be donating while the oven is operating, only serves to make you crave cookies all the more.  There are bags of oreos, and other cream-filled cookies. Where are the oranges, bananas, or apples?

Now, I’m not dieting.  However, I am watching what I eat.  I am doing a good deed, which will hopefully benefit somebody’s health.  And, yet to do it, I have to be tempted to sacrifice a bit of my own health with my favorite cookie of all time.  The oreo.  How do I not indulge?

Damn you, RI Blood Center.  Thanks for ruining my caloric intake for the day!

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