Nerds Like Fitness Too

21 Feb

Over the weekend, amid conversation that revolved around what each of us were doing to get into shape, Drea pointed me to an online article written about a former co-worker of hers.  The article summarizes her transformation from a soft, out of shape young woman, to a “Master of Deadlifts.”

Star Wars Rebellion Inspired Nerd Fitness Logo

I found the article as interesting as the site’s name:  Nerd Fitness.  Aesthetically, the site has a fun comic book inspired design to it that immediately sets it apart from other fitness sites.  (Apparently, the site was recently re-designed by a member of the Nerd Fitness Community.)  Additionally, the guy that graced the header was sporting a Sox cap… so that gave him instant cred in my book.  After finishing the article, I jumped to the “About” page to learn what the deal was & who the hell Steve Kamb (the guy in the Sox lid) is.  It was immediately clear to me that I was going to be spending some time on this site, as the about page had Superman, Transformers, and assorted video game references.  Hell, the tag line is “Leveling Up Your Life.”  Like I said, not your typical fitness site.

So, over the rest of the weekend, and some of Monday evening, I spent my fair share of time combing through the site.  (According to my lady, spending time online doesn’t count as “reading,” hence the usage of the word “combing.”)  There were tons of great articles on the site.  Obviously, the majority focus on fitness (big surprise, right?), but there were also sections discussing travel & generally living large.  (I will definitely hit that topic in a future post.)  But, given the recent fitness goals I placed on myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a perspective in a voice that I could totally relate to.  I enjoyed brushing up on proper squat technique, something that, despite how much I ran in the past, I have never really felt comfortable with.  I’ve been inspired to mix in some of the circuits that Steve has recommended.  I’ve been reminded to focus on form while doing the exercises.

Now, I certainly don’t agree with everything he has to say.  But, I’ve never agreed with everything any one person or group has ever said.  There are always more ways than one to skin a cat.  (I like that phrase because of my general dislike of cats…)  So, just because the dude doesn’t advocate tons of cardio, doesn’t mean I am going to abandon it.  To his credit, he doesn’t say don’t do cardio.  He advocates that there are more time efficient methods to lose weight and trim up.  I can certainly see some validity to what he is saying.  But, in the end, I like running and biking.  And, since I like it, I’m going to do it as part of my fitness strategy… and because I’d like to run competitively again.  He advocates a “clean” diet.  Although, I may integrate some of the concepts into my regular diet, I love cheese and carbs too damned much to abandon them.  In the end, it’s finding what works for me.

"These aren't the abs you are looking for..." But, if you can figure out how to do 50 pullups, you might get them!

I definitely want to “look better.”  There is no secret that vanity is part of the reason for working out (putting aside all of the other benefits for a moment).  And, I love this quote from Mark Twight (trainer responsible for getting the actors in shape for the movie 300):

“Appearance is a consequence of fitness.”

I’m going to remember that quote through this transformation I am trying to undergo.  I am going to focus on fitness goals, rather than appearance goals.  I believe my current goal to lose 30 pounds by April 30th fits under that umbrella.  Losing that weight will be a consequence of my dietary changes and how much more fit I am from the time I started the process. But, going forward, the more specific goals will be things like, how much weight I can bench press, how many pullups I can do, how fast I can run x distance, etc.

I’ve definitely subscribed to the RSS feed.  I’ve checked out the forums a bit.  (God, how I have always hated vBulletin boards.  They look so damned clunky – especially in relation to the great site design for the main site.)  I haven’t signed up for them and not sure that I will.  But, apparently, they have some games, and fitness challenges that the community members run.  They run some 6 week challenges, also.  I’m already involved in a 12 week challenge. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to set short term goals that will help me achieve the 12 week goals.

So, in case you haven’t caught the drift of what I am trying to say here, I’ll spell it out in black and white.  Nerd Fitness is a cool freaking site.  Check it out.  (I’d link it again.  But, I’ve already linked to it like 5 times above.  Come on.  Don’t be lazy.)

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