“I forgot the vegetables!”

28 Feb

Weird Lion Statues outside the gym I visited. There were a series of four different lions... something to do with the neighboring Jewish Center

This past weekend, I went down to my friend’s house in New Jersey. Originally, we had planned on a boys ski weekend to Killington, VT. But, since there has been a serious dearth of snow in New England, and because we were being cheap decided to save the money, we instead got together at Brian’s house.

Upon arrival on Friday night, Brian & I got down to the business of drinking catching up. We don’t see each other nearly enough with him living four hours away. And, we are guys. So, we don’t talk on the phone all that much. He and his lovely wife shared the exciting news that they are expecting and had just passed the all-too-critical first trimester. (As if I needed another reason to raise my glass!) After she retired for the evening, Brian and I continued to solve the world’s problems as we are want to do fueled by Fat Tire Ale and late at night.

On Saturday, I made the most of my Gold’s Gym Travel Pass & hit the gym in the morning. Afterwards, I sat around like a sloth and watched Brian handle his meat. (That’s how we do it.) He had picked up asparagus, a giant phallic butternut squash, three or four different types of sausage, baby back ribs, chicken wings, pork belly, and short rib meat, and was applying various dry rubs.  It was probably going to be too much food for four guys (and one knocked-up chick) to consume all of it.  But, you can bet we were going to try.

I had brought down a couple of growlers from Trinity Brewhouse in Providence. One was their IPA (it’s kind of their signature beer), and the other was the Redrum Imperial Red Ale. On their website, the Redrum is described as:

Redrum Imperial Red Ale
This ale is brewed with English 2 row pale, caramalt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, wheat malt and germented with a California yeast strain. It is then bittered with Columbus, Nugget, and Chinook hops and then dry hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Centennials and Nugget hops. Unfiltered.
85 I.B.U.s – Columbus, Nugget, Chinook, Cascade, Centennials and Nugget Hops – 9% Alc.

While Brian was prepping the BBQ, we started in on that growler. As you can imagine, it was delicious! By the time, Ryan & Chris arrived, we were enjoying our final sips of the Redrum. The growler was kicked. But, the pace of drinking was picked up from that point forward and I was happily left to the IPA by myself.

Not too long later, Brian began serving the first of three “flights of meat.” Everything was perfectly smoked and absolutely delicious. I was certainly enjoying the variety that was available. It was too much… but, while you are drinking and eating slowly over the course of several hours, nothing went to waste. It was sometime during the third flight that Brian suddenly exclaimed: “Oh shit! I forgot the vegetables!”

So, it certainly wasn’t the healthiest of evenings. But, it was wonderfully healthy for our friendships.

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